Monday, June 22, 2009

summer writing exercise

Write a short scene, a moment, that feels like summer. Steamy pool days, heat lightning at night, sticky dripping popsicles, long breezy drives down winding roads, walking under the giant hanging moon...


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Suzanne Newsham said...

My hair sticks to my forehead as the sweat pours into my eyes. I blink to stop the pain but I can't stop walking as my dogs are pulling on their leashes hot and hard. Their tongues falling out of their mouths, the sound of them panting making the air seem thick and heavy.
Janet Jackson is coming through the headphones on my IPOD and the musical beats that usually make me dance aren't affecting me in this palpable heat.
Only three blocks to go until my house, my husband, claiming a long day at work, sits in the air conditioning.
An SUV drives past me, throwing the smell of diesel and fumes into my face. I spit my tongue out of my mouth to try to remove the taste from my tastebuds. I curse the driver and hope that the cost of gas goes sky high again.
The dogs have now fallen behind me, and instead of them dragging me as usual, I am dragging them home. I tell them that we will be home soon and there is cool, fresh water there, they wag their tails like the understand me.
We arrive home. My shirt and shorts are dripping with sweat. I curse the rotation of the sun and wish for a cool autumn day when the front door is opened by my husband. He hands me an ice filled glass of lemonade and the air conditioner hits my face. A contented sigh leaves my lips.