Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Quarter 2010 Class Schedule--LU MFA in Writing

Fiction Cluster--Thur. 6-10pm in St. Charles--taught by Mark George:
IMF53500.80 Fiction Writing Workshop-3 cr.
IMF53600.80 Fundamentals of Contemporary Fiction-3 cr.
IMF53700.80 Selected Emphases in Fiction-3 cr.

Online Poetry Workshop--taught by Eve Jones:
IMF52500.OL Poetry Writing Worskhop-3 cr.

Creative Writing for the MFA cluster--Tues. at Boone Home Campus--taught by Mary Anderson:
IMF 51500.BH1 Creative Writing for the MFA-3 cr.
IMF 51600.BH1 Fiction Genres-3 cr.
IMF 51700.BH1 Poetry Genres-3 cr.

Narrative Journalism cluster--Thurs. in St. Charles--taught by Dianna Graveman:
IMF 56500.80 Writing for Publications-3 cr.
IMF 56600.80 Narrative Journalism-3 cr.
IMF 56700.80 Readings in Narrative Journalism-3cr.

For questions about registration, or to apply to Lindenwood University's MFA in Writing program, contact the Chair at bmead@lindenwood.edu.

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