Thursday, December 23, 2010

LU MFA News & Notes--December 2010

Final Suggestion for the 2010 Rejection Collection Challenge:
"Now in its 37th year, CutBank is once again looking for great work to publish in issues 74 and 75. From October 1 through February 15, we're welcoming original, unpublished works of poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction from established and upcoming writers alike. Over the years, we've been privileged to feature work by Wendell Berry, William Kittredge, Louise Erdrich, Aimee Bender, Richard Hugo, Seamus Heaney, Chris Offutt, Virgil Suarez, Steve Almond, and many others. As editors, we're looking first and foremost for excellent writing. We love to read, and are always looking for work that startles us, engaging us emotionally and challenging us intellectually - and we work hard to cull the majority of content for our issues from unsolicited submissions. We're always excited to feature new writers. Furthermore, we’re happy to announce that we’re now accepting online submissions. Click here to submit directly. We look forward to reading your work! For more information and to learn more about our other exciting ventures this year, visit"

Mark Your Calendar:
From Mary Troy:
“On February 11, Friday night, 6PM, UMSL’s MFA program will sponsor a panel discussion of editors of 3 presses that publish books of fiction or poetry or both. Represented will be BkMk Press (they publish books of fiction and poetry), Switch Grass Press (they publish fiction, mostly novels of the Midwest), and Crab Orchard (a publisher of books of poetry.) These three editors will discuss the process, explain what they look for, how a book is selected from the pile they get each year, and what happens after a contract is extended, and much more. This will be free and open to the public. The place has not yet been decided, but it will be on the UMSL campus.” This event may be used for a colloquium.

The following publication news is from student Todd Woodruff, who is currently working on his thesis:
“A publishing company called Realm Multimedia picked up my chapbook I did for Michael's class. Here is the link: If you click [scene] you will see the announcement, and [links] takes you to the bookshelf profiles. In addition, a reviewer named Fran Lewis grabbed a copy of it and wrote a review which appeared on the following websites: CBB Cold Coffee, Book Masons, Premiere Writers, Life, Shop and Laugh, Mind's Eye, and Facebook.”

The Lindenwood Review:
Our new literary journal The Lindenwood Review will be produced by our MFA program through this winter’s Journal Editing Cluster. We have received over 1000 pieces to choose from (counting poems individually), so our first issue should be very strong. Many thanks to Graduate Assistant Patricia Feeney for her hard work researching, sending out the Call for Submissions, and cataloguing all submissions. We look forward to producing a journal that will represent our program and university well. Issue 1 will be published by June 2011, and copies will be available for purchase at our Graduate Student Reading.

Graduate Student Reading:
Any MFA student who will complete his or her degree by September 2011 is eligible to read at our annual Graduate Student Reading. This event will be held in the Cultural Center Auditorium in May or June (date to be determined), and it is a nice chance to share your work with family, friends, fellow students, and members of our writing community. MFA students are not required to read at this event, but you are strongly encouraged to do so. Please contact Beth Mead if you would like to read at this event or if you have any questions.

If you are interested in reading your work at our Graduate Student Reading (or at a separate alumni event depending on student interest), please contact Beth Mead.

Any alum who would like to enroll in a 3-credit online MFA class may do so for 50% of the tuition by auditing the class. Contact Beth Mead if you have questions or if you would like to enroll in any future online classes.

A note to all students about online classes:
Eve Jones and Catherine Rankovic are two amazing instructors who only teach for us online, so these 3-credit online classes are a great opportunity to work with these gifted writers and teachers. Several of our wonderful in-class instructors also teach these online classes. Please note that any student who begins the MFA Program in January 2011 or later must take the GRE before enrolling in online classes. Feel free to contact Beth Mead with any questions about the online option for our program. More information on online coursework is available here: