Thursday, August 11, 2011

LU MFA Quarterly Update ~ Summer 2011

* For new students (welcome!), information about the quarterly colloquium requirement is available here and here and here. Contact Beth with any questions.
* The Teaching College Writing Colloquium was well-attended by students and alumni, so I will hold a longer version of that colloquium again next year—I’ll include more hands-on work with CVs and composition class activities/assignments. The information packet from this week’s colloquium is available here. I wouldn’t recommend printing the whole thing (it’s 31 pages long)—just scroll through it to find any information that might be helpful to you.
* An upcoming colloquium opportunity is on Thur. August 25 at 5pm at the Belleville campus (on Sylvia Plath’s Ariel--more info here). If you would like to attend this event, you can meet in the Cultural Center parking lot at 3:45, and we will caravan to the Belleville campus (in Illinois).
* A roundtable reading will be held in October, and more roundtable readings will be held in future quarters, as a more casual and intimate alternative to the formal auditorium/microphone/spotlight literary readings that our program also offers. These roundtable readings will include discussion/Q&A sessions. More information about the October reading appears here.
* A fall or winter reading will be held in our auditorium when renovations are completed; it will include readings from Issue 1 of The Lindenwood Review as well as readings from LU MFA graduates and soon-to-be graduates. More information will be available in the fall quarterly update email; if you would be interested in reading at this event (if you will have completed your degree by December), please email Beth.

Fall Schedule & Registration
* Fall registration will take place from August 22 through September 16; fall quarter begins on Saturday, October 1. The fall class schedule is available here (including textbooks).
* If you have not yet set an appointment, or if you need to change your appointment time, my schedule can be viewed here. Available appointment times are marked as OPEN.
* Information about the new online option for the MFA program is now available here. If you know of any writers who may be interested in our MFA program but may not be available to take evening classes, please let them know that our degree can now be taken entirely online. For each 3-credit class, students are required to log in three times per week; we will offer workshop classes as well as classes on craft and literature. This is also a good option for in-class students who may have more than one conflict during a quarter (due to work travel, etc.) but do not want to sit out from classes.
* Alumni may audit online classes for 50% tuition—several alumni have done this, and it’s a wonderful way to keep writing after graduation and to stay involved in a community of writers.

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