Saturday, September 10, 2011

Featured Poem ~ September ~ Jenn Monroe

I Never Want to Stop Looking

Head full of crazy and nothing to show for it. Try to tip
the oasis before desert again—parched tongues touch—fill up
so much, so much. Carousel-horse-vicious, no brass ring
achievement, not so lucky-lucky in…need to make sense, not

count Chinese food, or spin-spin dizzy and look at clouds: a rabbit,
a duck, and in that one a god. Let the dream be the dream free,
mirrored in blue-blue, reflecting back something special, something
unlike anything. I found my truth yesterday—shattered into two
million bits—at the center, reflected, gorgeous like honey.

~ Jenn Monroe

"I Never Want to Stop Looking" appears in Jenn Monroe's new poetry collection, Something More Like Love, which is now available for preorder (ships December 3, 2011) from Finishing Line Press--click here to order. Jenn's work has previously appeared in The Lindenwood Review.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

MFA Class Schedule ~ Winter 2012

Winter Quarter 2012: January 7 - March 24

Winter Registration begins November 14

Beth's winter registration appointment schedule is available here.

9-Credit Clusters--St. Charles:

Fiction ~ David Hollingsworth ~ Thursdays

Poetry ~ Michael Castro ~ Wednesdays

Journal Editing ~ Beth Mead ~ Tuesdays

3-Credit Online Classes:

Magical Realism (fiction) ~ Eve Jones

Personal Essay Workshop ~ Mary Anderson

Craft of Poetry ~ Eve Jones


By Cunning & Craft/Selgin and Best New American Voices 2010/Shapiro

20th Century American Poetry and 20th Century American Poetics/both by Gioia, Mason, and Schoerke

Journal Editing:
Materials available from instructor

Online Magical Realism:
Magical Realist Fiction/Young, Hollaman and One Hundred Years of Solitude/Marquez, Rabassa

Online Personal Essay Workshop:
Writing About Your Life/William Zinsser (ISBN 9781569243794)

Online Craft of Poetry:
Poet's Companion/Addonizio and Vintage Book of Contemporary American Poetry/McClatchy