Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New LU MFA Cluster Offerings

To provide a variety of options for our MFA in Writing students, we have restructured our in-class coursework to include the following 9-credit clusters (offered on a rotating basis):

Journal Editing Cluster
IMF 55700 The Literary Journal
IMF 55800 Advanced Studies in Prose
IMF 56000 Advanced Studies in the Literary Journal

Flash Fiction Cluster
IMF 53200 Advanced Focused Fiction Workshop
IMF 54100 Special Topics Focused Workshop
IMF 53900 Advanced Studies Contemporary Fiction

Fiction Cluster
IMF 53500 Fiction Writing Workshop
IMF 53600 Fundamentals of Contemporary Fiction
IMF 53700 Selected Emphases in Fiction

Advanced Fiction Cluster
IMF 51900 Advanced Fiction Genres
IMF 53800 Advanced Fiction Workshop
IMF 55900 Advanced Studies in Prose Collection

Studies in Fiction Cluster
IMF 51600 Fiction Genres
IMF 54000 Advanced Studies in Fiction
IMF 57900 Advanced Studies in Film

Prose Poetry Cluster
IMF 52000 Advanced Poetry Genres
IMF 53000 Advanced Studies in Poetry
IMF 55500 Prose Workshop

Confessional Poetry Cluster
IMF 51700 Poetry Genres
IMF 52100 Focused Poetry Workshop
IMF 53300 Advanced Focused Nonfiction Workshop

Poetry Cluster
IMF 52500 Poetry Writing Workshop
IMF 52600 Craft of Poetry
IMF 52700 Selected Emphases in Poetry

Advanced Poetry Cluster
IMF 52800 Advanced Poetry Workshop
IMF 52900 Advanced Studies Craft of Poetry
IMF 53100 Advanced Focused Poetry Workshop

Creative Nonfiction Cluster
IMF 54500 Creative Nonfiction Workshop
IMF 54600 The Personal Essay & Memoir
IMF 54700 The Lyric Essay

Advanced Creative Nonfiction Cluster
IMF 54800 Advanced Studies in Nonfiction
IMF 54900 Advanced Studies Personal Essay & Memoir
IMF 55000 Advanced Studies in Lyric Essay

Prose Cluster
IMF 52200 Focused Fiction Workshop
IMF 52300 Focused Nonfiction Workshop
IMF 55600 The Prose Collection

Narrative Journalism Cluster
IMF 56500 Writing for Publications
IMF 56600 Narrative Journalism
IMF 56700 Readings in Narrative Journalism

Advanced Journalism Cluster
IMF 56800 Advanced Studies in Journalism
IMF 56900 Advanced Studies in Narrative Journalism
IMF 57000 Advanced Journalism Readings

Scriptwriting Cluster
IMF 57500 Scriptwriting Workshop
IMF 57600 The Narrative Arc in Film
IMF 57700 Script Analysis

Advanced Scriptwriting Cluster
IMF 52400 Focused Scriptwriting Workshop
IMF 53400 Advanced Focused Scriptwriting Workshop
IMF 57800 Advanced Scriptwriting

Writing for the MFA Cluster
IMF 51500 Creative Writing for the MFA
IMF 51800 Advanced Creative Writing
IMF 58000 Advanced Script Analysis

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

MFA Quarterly Update ~ Fall 2011

Winter registration is now underway. Beth's appointment schedule is available here: The classes being offered this winter (along with textbook info) are listed here: If alumni are interested in auditing an online class, please send Beth an email.

November literary events are listed here:

AWP Job List: Because our MFA Program is a member of AWP, our students and alumni may view the AWP job list (which is updated regularly). Email Beth for password info.

Facebook users: If you are friends on the Lindenwood Writing-Program account but have not yet clicked LIKE on our separate page, please do so now (—from now on, all posts will be made on this official page that is listed on Lindenwood’s website, rather than on the Lindenwood Writing-Program account (so you will not see new posts unless you click LIKE on that page). New students (welcome!), if you use facebook, please like our page: Thank you!

Congratulations to alum John Cunningham for his recent publication in Storm Country and current student Dena Molen for her recent publication in Bad Shoe. If I have forgotten to announce any student/alum publications, please let me know. Please continue to send me an email when you have good news to share about publications, teaching or writing-related jobs, etc. Thanks!

Calls for Submissions: (LU alumni may submit to TLR, but current LU students are not eligible to submit, to avoid a conflict of interest since LU MFA students help choose the pieces to publish)