Saturday, March 10, 2012

Congratulations to TLR Contributor Erin Elizabeth Smith

Congratulations to Erin Elizabeth Smith on publication of her poetry collection, The Naming of Strays, which includes two poems that were published in Issue 1 of The Lindenwood Review ("Index of the Midwest" and "The Way the Cold Attaches")Her press release appears below:  

Erin Elizabeth Smith's The Naming of Strays Released
Randolph, MA – Gold Wake Press is pleased to announce the publication of their twelfth full-length print collect, The Naming of Strays (Gold Wake Press, $14.00) by Erin Elizabeth Smith.

The Naming of Strays is a collection of poems that ruminate on place, transience, gender power, and sexual fidelity. From the orange hills of upstate New York to the Illinois prairie and finally the sultry humidity of the Deep South, these poems deftly draw connections between region and personal experience and the ways in which we are defined by the land around us.

“Erin Elizabeth Smith's The Naming of Strays is on fire in the best possible way—the poems sizzle with sensuality, celebrating all the senses in the way that the best blues music tips us from sadness into full-throated joy. The poems keep moving, shifting, defying expectations, singing the literal and the dream world, exalting the narrative and the experimental. I will recommend this book for poetry workshops as a primer on what poetry is and can do. And for seasoned readers, Erin Elizabeth Smith's work reminds us of why we fell in love with poetry in the first place.”
-Marilyn Kallet

“Erin Elizabeth Smith's poems are delicious—it is hard to resist them. But they bite back, and that is the thing: they're painful, too. And gorgeous, always. The Naming the Strays is luminous, intimate, and never afraid.”
-Paul Guest

"Erin Elizabeth Smith's poetry is the impossible love child of a young Jorie Graham and a old bottle of Jack Daniel's."
-T.A. Noonan

Erin Elizabeth Smith is the author of The Fear of Being Found (Three Candles Press 2008) and The Chainsaw Bears (Dancing Girl Press 2010). Her poems have appeared in numerous journals, including 32 Poems, New Delta Review, Yalobusha Review, Water~Stone, Cimarron Review, and Crab Orchard Review. She teaches in the English Department at the University of Tennessee and serves as the managing editor of Stirring: A Literary Collection and the Best of the Net Anthology.

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