Saturday, May 12, 2012

Graduation Ceremony 2012

Congratulations to the 18 LU MFA grads who walked the stage on May 11, 2012!

Jessica, Khadija, Stacey, Michelle
Cindy, Heather, Craig, Ryan, Pat, Chris
Grady, Jessica
Lindsay, Cindy, Tara, Mary, Chris

Chris, Melanie, Ryan
Tara, Mary, Lindsay, Rosha, Melanie
Mary, Rosha, Christian
Lindsey, Heather
Chris Duggan
Cindy DuBois
Christian Gully
Craig Vaughn
Grady Manus
Heather Kemper-Hussey
Jessica Muckerman-Presson
Khadija Muhammad

Lindsay Brand
Lindsay was called first and I missed the shot--
I'm sorry, Lindsay!
Here's a better one:
Lindsay Brand
Lindsey Hill
Mary Caldwell
Melanie Craig
Michelle Sanford
Patricia Feeney
Rosha Chandler-Gordon
Ryan Trimble
Stacey Remley
Tara Brewer

Michael Castro, Professor Emeritus

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Pat Feeney said...

Great pics!! I really enjoyed reliving these moments. What a wonderful graduation!

Pat Feeney said...

Congrats to the MFA class of 2012!