Monday, October 29, 2012

First Assignments for Winter 2013 Classes

Textbooks are listed HERE.

Confessional Poetry Cluster--Julia Gordon-Bramer:
1st class: Saturday, January 12, 10am, Room 110
2nd class: Monday, January 14, 6pm, Cultural Center Conference Room

First assignment:
Please send an email introducing yourself, telling me about why you chose to enroll in this course and what you hope to learn. Please be sure to include mention of your favorite poets of any era, confessional or otherwise, and why. I would also like you to attach (or cut and paste) a favorite of one of your own original poems, with comments on why you feel it is representative of your work, and notes about anything you were going for artistically, stylistically, thematically, etc.

Journal Editing Cluster--Beth Mead:
1st class: Saturday, January 12, 10am, Room 106
2nd class: Saturday, January 19, 10am, Cultural Center Conference Room

First assignment:
The instructor will email reading materials and instructions for your first class meeting.

Advanced Fiction Cluster--David Hollingsworth:
1st class: TUESDAY, JANUARY 8, 6pm, Cultural Center Conference Room
[NO class meeting on Saturday, January 12]
2nd class: Tuesday, January 15, 6pm, Cultural Center Conference Room

First Assignment:
Where are you going? Where have you been?
Please write 2 pages or so detailing (somewhat) who you are as a writer. I’d like to know what made you write in the first place, how your writing has changed/matured/etc. over the years, and where you see yourself going in the future. If you have specific goals for this cluster, please feel free to share them. We’ll be reading these out loud during the first session as a way of getting to know one another before the workshop begins.

IMF 51900.OL1 Adv Fiction Genres--Scott Berzon
IMF 52500.OL1 Poetry Writing Workshop--Eve Jones
IMF 52600.OL1 Craft of Poetry--Mary Anderson
IMF 53500.OL1 Fiction Writing Workshop--Tony D’Souza
IMF 54600.OL1 The Personal Essay & Memoir--Catherine Rankovic
IMF 54700.OL1 The Lyric Essay--Eve Jones

*Do NOT log into Blackboard until Monday, January 14, and you MUST post on 1/14*

On Monday, January 14, log into Blackboard (see instructions below), click on your course name, and then click on the FIRST ASSIGNMENT menu tab at the left of the screen. You will click on the discussion board link and post a statement in the discussion indicating that you were able to log in to Blackboard successfully. This MUST be done on Monday, January 14.

Then you will click on the GETTING STARTED menu tab at the left of the screen and read the course content indicated (Class Requirements, etc.).

Then you will click on the WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS menu tab at the left of the screen, and then click on Week 1. There you will see all of your assignments for the first week of class and their due dates. Online students are required to post/participate on Blackboard three times per week.

Each week during the quarter, you will click on WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS and then on the appropriate week’s folder to view the assignments and due dates for the week.

If you have any questions or problems, you can contact the instructor at the email address listed above, or you can click on Help at the top of the screen (the question mark icon) to contact the Lindenwood Online Support Center.

Instructions for Logging in to Blackboard for Online Classes:
• Go to
• Hover your mouse over Blackboard in the white bar at the top of the screen
• Click on Access Blackboard
• Log in with the same user ID and password you use for your Lionmail account (if you have not activated your Lionmail account, go to, hover over Email at the top of the screen, and click on Find Your Username; follow the instructions to get your user ID and password)
• Once you are logged in, click on your course name to enter the class site
• If you have any problems, click on Help at the top of the Log In page or contact your instructor

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