Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our Fall 2012 MFA Reading

Congratulations to Pat Feeney, Dena Molen, Doug Wallace, Mary Caldwell, and Jenn Cowgill on their wonderful job at our Fall 2012 MFA Reading! 

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Monday, November 5, 2012

LU MFA Quarterly Update--Fall 2012

In this Update:
  • Fall MFA Reading: Thurs. 11/8, 7:30pm, Cultural Center auditorium
  • Alumni Workshop: Sat. 2/16, 10am, Cultural Center conference room—please reserve a spot
  • Winter Registration info
  • LU MFA Blog & Facebook Page
  • TLR3 photos
  • Student/Alumni News
  • Publishing Opportunities

LU MFA Quarterly Update—Fall 2012

We hope to see you all at our Fall MFA Reading this Thursday, November 3, at 7:30pm in the Cultural Center auditorium. Details HERE

Our first alumni workshop will be held on Saturday, February 16, at 10am in the Cultural center conference room. Please email Beth as soon as possible to reserve a spot in the workshop. Please read the full event details HERE.

Registration for Winter Quarter 2013 begins on November 12. Please email Beth to set an appointment, if you have not already done so. Beth’s appointment schedule can be viewed HERE. The Winter Class Schedule and Textbooks can be viewed HERE. The first assignments for winter clusters and online classes can be viewed HERE. Clarification on the Colloquium requirement and 13th Class requirement (for in-class clusters) is available HERE.

To stay updated on program events and information, you can follow our blog by clicking the Join This Site button at the bottom of the right column of our blog. The right column of our blog has been updated with a link to FAQs, more MFA Quick Links (Thesis Guidelines, MFA Faculty, etc.), Lindenwood Quick Links (portal, Lionmail, speaker series, etc.), Current Quarter quick links (class list, appointment schedule, etc.), and a photo slideshow. If you’re on Facebook, please Like our program page at Thank you for supporting our program!

The students in our Fall Quarter Journal Editing class have taken some beautiful pictures of the Boone Home. Some of these photos will be included in Issue 3 of our journal. Some of our favorite photos can be viewed HERE. Students who enroll in the Winter Quarter Journal Editing class will meet in the Cultural Center on Saturdays and will continue the wonderful work done by our first group of editorial assistants. Fall students are reading all submissions received from July through September, and Winter students will read submissions received from October through December.

- Doria Baldwin has had a flash fiction piece accepted by
- Janna Vought has had a flash fiction piece accepted by Spry Lit, a poem accepted by The Survivor Anthology, two poems accepted by Circa Literary Review, two poems accepted by Rusty Nail, an essay accepted by Under the Gum Tree, and a Flash Fiction piece accepted by Tough Lit VII. She will complete her MFA in December and will begin the PhD program in Humanities/Aesthetic Studies with an emphasis in Creative Writing in January.

NOTE: Several journals below have a submission deadline of November 15.
Glassworks:  (especially looking for creative nonfiction)
Ladies’ Home Journal Essay Contest:
Spry Literary Journal—Deadline NOV 15:  (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and flash fiction)
MOJO—Deadline NOV 15:
Harpur Palate—Deadline NOV 15:
CutBank:  (fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry)
The Atlas Review—Deadline NOV 15:
Beth Mead
Associate Professor of Humanities
Director, MFA in Writing Program
Lindenwood University

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Sunday, November 4, 2012


Quick Links (prospective student info, etc.) are posted in the right column of this blog.

How do I view my grades and transcripts?
That information, along with your schedule, ledger, and more, is available in your student portal. Instructions for accessing your student portal are HERE.

How do I access my Lindenwood email account (Lionmail)?
Instructions for Lionmail are HERE.

How do students register for classes?
Registration information is available HERE.

What are the extra requirements for the in-class accelerated cluster program?
To earn 9 credit hours in 12 weeks, by attending class one night per week from 6-10pm, there are several extra requirements. First, your first class meeting each quarter will be on a Saturday morning at 10am, and you will have a first assignment that is due at that class. Secondly, each quarter your instructor will arrange a "13th class," which often will be attending a local literary reading. Thirdly, for each 9-credit cluster you take, you will complete a Colloquium, which is an out-of-class learning experience. You will type up a 2-page response to a learning event (an additional literary reading, a literary event, or another type of cultural event with permission from your advisor), and you will email this response to your advisor each quarter (or turn it in at your quarterly registration appointment). Read full colloquium guidelines HERE

What is the difference between the 13th class and the Colloquium requirement?
The 13th class is an extra class meeting or group event (such as attending a literary reading) that is arranged by your instructor for the cluster you are taking. This event and assignment details will differ for each cluster according to the instructor's requirements, and it will count toward your cluster grades. 

Colloquium is a 2-page paper (double-spaced) that you turn in to your advisor for each 9-credit cluster you take; this is an event that is separate from your cluster's requirements. Your 13th class event may not be used as your colloquium event. Colloquia are an accreditation requirement for our accelerated program and do not affect your cluster grades; they are a way to enrich your learning experience as you earn 9 credit hours in 12 weeks. All colloquia must be turned in to your advisor two months before your graduation from the MFA Program. If you have any questions, contact the Program Director. Full colloquium guidelines are available HERE

Do online classes require colloquia?
No, our 3-credit online classes do not have a colloquium requirement. Only the in-class 9-credit in-class clusters require colloquia. Our 3-credit online classes are held for 11 weeks each quarter; there is no “13th class” requirement for online classes.

How do I navigate the new Lindenwood website?
Instructions are available HERE

If you have additional questions that should be added to the FAQ post, please email Beth. 

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Alumni Workshop: Sat. Feb. 16 at 10am

The first LU MFA Alumni Workshop will be held on Saturday, February 16, at 10am in the Lindenwood University Cultural Center conference room (across from the auditorium).

Participants will email one prose piece (a short story, a personal essay, or a novel chapter) or a group of 5 poems to Beth by Friday, February 8. Alumni will receive workshop feedback from Beth, from the students in the winter journal editing class (who will have had lots of experience reading and responding to TLR submissions), and from each other. For participation in the workshop, we ask each alum to purchase one copy of Issue 2 of The Lindenwood Review at the reduced rate of $5.00. We ask alumni who already own a copy to please purchase a copy at the workshop to give to a friend. Please note: pieces discussed in workshop may not be submissions that are under consideration for Issue 3 of The Lindenwood Review, to avoid a conflict of interest. We welcome participants to submit their workshop pieces to Issue 4, when a new group of editorial assistants will review submissions. (Alumni may submit work to TLR, but current students may not.)

To reserve a spot in the workshop, email Beth as soon as possible to confirm that you will be participating. Please also indicate whether you will be workshopping a short story, an essay, a novel chapter, or poetry. Then you will email Beth your work by February 8.

If enough alumni (and current students who will become alumni) are interested in participating in workshops, we will continue to offer at least one alumni workshop each year. We will also consider offering a full novel workshop in the future, if enough alumni are interested; please let Beth know if you have a novel draft that you would like to workshop next year.

Contact Beth with any questions, and we look forward to reading your work!

Lindenwood University MFA in Writing Program—Online or In-Class

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Spring 2013 Registration Appointment Schedule

Please note that beginning with spring quarter enrollment, we have a new online registration process. View all details about this new process here. This information has also been emailed to your LionMail account.
  • You may now hold your advisor consultation by email (using LionMail) or phone; you may still meet in person if you prefer. After your advisor consultation, you will register yourself for coursework through your student portal. Details and instructions are here.
  • Check your student portal transcript if you do not know how many credit hours you have completed.
  • For those who still wish to meet in person before registering for coursework: Wednesday in-person appointments are held by appointment only at the Wentzville campus; all other in-person appointments are held by appointment at the Cultural Center in St. Charles.

SENIOR REGISTRATION--March 4-8 (undergrads 84+ credit hours completed; graduate students 27+ credit hours completed):

MON 3/4:
11:00--S Varnon
11:30--L Prowell
12:00--L Hibbs
12:30--M Davidson
1:00--D Plump
3:00--D Everett
3:30--K Smith
4:00--S Brown
4:30--M Peeples
5:00--B Green
5:20--N Jones
5:40--S Mellring

TUE 3/5:
[10-12 off-campus appt]
12:00--M Hennig
12:30--M Sullivan
1:00--E Hyde
3:00--L Alsup
3:30--J Lill
4:00--S Olson
4:30--M Bryant
5:00--L Birch
5:20--T Wright
5:40--W Strickland
6:00--P McKay

12:00--L Barker
12:20--N Davis
4:00--JD Howdeshell
4:20--J Lutgen
4:40--C Wilson
5:00--A Becker
L N Birch
5:20--D Stillman
5:40--T Payeur

THUR 3/7:
12:00--D Everett

FRI 3/8:
12:30--W Strickland
1:00--E Hyde

JUNIOR REGISTRATION--March 11-15 (undergrads 54-83 credit hours completed; graduate students 9-26 credit hours completed):
MON 3/11:
12:00--K Westhoff
12:30--D Boyd
1:00--D Plump
5:00--N Watson
5:20--K Mix

TUE 3/12:
12:00--D Gilmore
12:30--W Chesnut
4:30--AL York
5:00--K Ray
5:20--K Burton
C Gully
5:40--B Beedy

12:00--M Haines
12:20--R Klein
4:30--B Damke
4:40--D Yardley
5:00--D McMullen
5:20--D Russell
A Volz
5:40--J Murray

THUR 3/14:
[LU meeting]

FRI 3/15:
12:00--M Lucero
1:00--S Smith
1:30--C Battles

SOPHOMORE REGISTRATION--March 18-22 (undergrads 24-53 credit hours completed; any graduate students):

TUE 3/19:
12:00--A Bozwell
4:00--A Perry
4:30--D Russell (math test)

FRI 3/22:

FRESHMAN REGISTRATION--March 25-29 (undergraduates 0-23 hours completed; any graduate students):

MON 3/25: 
12:30--W Forthman
1:00--S Smith
5:00--B Thrasher

4:20--J Mendoza
4:40--S Gonzalez
5:00--S Walker
5:20--P Pittman

THUR 3/28 or FRI 3/29: email Beth to set an appointment time.

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