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How do I view my grades and transcripts?
That information, along with your schedule, ledger, and more, is available in your student portal. Instructions for accessing your student portal are HERE.

How do I access my Lindenwood email account (Lionmail)?
Instructions for Lionmail are HERE.

How do students register for classes?
Registration information is available HERE.

What are the extra requirements for the in-class accelerated cluster program?
To earn 9 credit hours in 12 weeks, by attending class one night per week from 6-10pm, there are several extra requirements. First, your first class meeting each quarter will be on a Saturday morning at 10am, and you will have a first assignment that is due at that class. Secondly, each quarter your instructor will arrange a "13th class," which often will be attending a local literary reading. Thirdly, for each 9-credit cluster you take, you will complete a Colloquium, which is an out-of-class learning experience. You will type up a 2-page response to a learning event (an additional literary reading, a literary event, or another type of cultural event with permission from your advisor), and you will email this response to your advisor each quarter (or turn it in at your quarterly registration appointment). Read full colloquium guidelines HERE

What is the difference between the 13th class and the Colloquium requirement?
The 13th class is an extra class meeting or group event (such as attending a literary reading) that is arranged by your instructor for the cluster you are taking. This event and assignment details will differ for each cluster according to the instructor's requirements, and it will count toward your cluster grades. 

Colloquium is a 2-page paper (double-spaced) that you turn in to your advisor for each 9-credit cluster you take; this is an event that is separate from your cluster's requirements. Your 13th class event may not be used as your colloquium event. Colloquia are an accreditation requirement for our accelerated program and do not affect your cluster grades; they are a way to enrich your learning experience as you earn 9 credit hours in 12 weeks. All colloquia must be turned in to your advisor two months before your graduation from the MFA Program. If you have any questions, contact the Program Director. Full colloquium guidelines are available HERE

Do online classes require colloquia?
No, our 3-credit online classes do not have a colloquium requirement. Only the in-class 9-credit in-class clusters require colloquia. Our 3-credit online classes are held for 11 weeks each quarter; there is no “13th class” requirement for online classes.

How do I navigate the new Lindenwood website?
Instructions are available HERE

If you have additional questions that should be added to the FAQ post, please email Beth. 

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