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Spring 2013 Registration Appointment Schedule

Please note that beginning with spring quarter enrollment, we have a new online registration process. View all details about this new process here. This information has also been emailed to your LionMail account.
  • You may now hold your advisor consultation by email (using LionMail) or phone; you may still meet in person if you prefer. After your advisor consultation, you will register yourself for coursework through your student portal. Details and instructions are here.
  • Check your student portal transcript if you do not know how many credit hours you have completed.
  • For those who still wish to meet in person before registering for coursework: Wednesday in-person appointments are held by appointment only at the Wentzville campus; all other in-person appointments are held by appointment at the Cultural Center in St. Charles.

SENIOR REGISTRATION--March 4-8 (undergrads 84+ credit hours completed; graduate students 27+ credit hours completed):

MON 3/4:
11:00--S Varnon
11:30--L Prowell
12:00--L Hibbs
12:30--M Davidson
1:00--D Plump
3:00--D Everett
3:30--K Smith
4:00--S Brown
4:30--M Peeples
5:00--B Green
5:20--N Jones
5:40--S Mellring

TUE 3/5:
[10-12 off-campus appt]
12:00--M Hennig
12:30--M Sullivan
1:00--E Hyde
3:00--L Alsup
3:30--J Lill
4:00--S Olson
4:30--M Bryant
5:00--L Birch
5:20--T Wright
5:40--W Strickland
6:00--P McKay

12:00--L Barker
12:20--N Davis
4:00--JD Howdeshell
4:20--J Lutgen
4:40--C Wilson
5:00--A Becker
L N Birch
5:20--D Stillman
5:40--T Payeur

THUR 3/7:
12:00--D Everett

FRI 3/8:
12:30--W Strickland
1:00--E Hyde

JUNIOR REGISTRATION--March 11-15 (undergrads 54-83 credit hours completed; graduate students 9-26 credit hours completed):
MON 3/11:
12:00--K Westhoff
12:30--D Boyd
1:00--D Plump
5:00--N Watson
5:20--K Mix

TUE 3/12:
12:00--D Gilmore
12:30--W Chesnut
4:30--AL York
5:00--K Ray
5:20--K Burton
C Gully
5:40--B Beedy

12:00--M Haines
12:20--R Klein
4:30--B Damke
4:40--D Yardley
5:00--D McMullen
5:20--D Russell
A Volz
5:40--J Murray

THUR 3/14:
[LU meeting]

FRI 3/15:
12:00--M Lucero
1:00--S Smith
1:30--C Battles

SOPHOMORE REGISTRATION--March 18-22 (undergrads 24-53 credit hours completed; any graduate students):

TUE 3/19:
12:00--A Bozwell
4:00--A Perry
4:30--D Russell (math test)

FRI 3/22:

FRESHMAN REGISTRATION--March 25-29 (undergraduates 0-23 hours completed; any graduate students):

MON 3/25: 
12:30--W Forthman
1:00--S Smith
5:00--B Thrasher

4:20--J Mendoza
4:40--S Gonzalez
5:00--S Walker
5:20--P Pittman

THUR 3/28 or FRI 3/29: email Beth to set an appointment time.

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