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LU MFA Update--Winter 2013

Thank you to all who took part in our first LU MFA Alumni Workshop. It was a wonderful experience, and we will offer another alumni workshop this summer. If you are an alum or will complete your MFA by June 2013 and would be interested in taking part in the summer workshop, please email me as soon as possible to reserve a space. Spaces are limited and will be filled in the order of email requests received. We will continue to offer more alumni workshops, and if there is enough interest, we may also be able to hold a novel workshop in the future. Contact Beth with any questions or to reserve a space in the summer workshop (date TBA—please note in the email if you would prefer a Saturday morning or a weekday evening).

Lindenwood University is holding a Student Research Symposium & Exposition on April 17, 2013, from 3pm to 7pm. Fiction and Poetry Readings are eligible for this event. Prizes for each academic school will be awarded ($200 for 1st place, $75 for 2nd place). If you would like to submit an application and an abstract (briefly describing your creative work and perhaps your inspiration for writing it), read the information available at Details are also available here.

Any students who will complete their MFA by June 2013, and any alumni who have not yet taken part in one of our readings, are eligible to participate in the upcoming Spring 2013 LU MFA Reading, to be held on Thursday, June 6, at 7pm, in the Cultural Center auditorium. Spaces are limited, so please email me as soon as possible if you would like to participate. LU MFA faculty member Kelli Allen will host. If you were unable to attend our Fall 2012 reading, you can view a photo and video clips here.

Emails have been sent to your LionMail accounts and personal email accounts with information about our new registration process. The process is detailed here. Training videos and instructions will be sent to your LionMail before spring registration begins. For Spring Quarter 2013, you can register beginning March 4 (all MFA students may register beginning the first week of registration). Please contact Beth with any questions.

The MFA spring class schedule is available here. First assignments (first class date/location and first homework assignment) and textbooks are available here (listed by cluster/class). Spring Quarter 2013 in-class clusters begin on Sat. April 13, 10am-2pm (then continue one night per week from 6 to 10pm), and online classes begin on Mon. April 15 (first post required in Blackboard on Mon. 4/15). The quarter ends June 29.

Issue 3 of TLR will be published by June 2013 (copies will be available for purchase at our spring reading). Our students and alumni serving as editorial assistants are doing great work discussing submissions as we work toward final publication decisions. Beginning with Fall 2013, journal editing classes will be offered online, so our fully online students will have the opportunity to give their input on submissions and serve as editorial assistants for Issue 4. If you are on Facebook and haven’t yet Liked our TLR page, you can visit it here. Our journal’s website, with excerpts from issues 1 and 2, is at

  • Deborah Allen—article published by St. Louis American
  • Dacia Wilkinson—second novel published by Mockingbird Lane Press
  • Janna Vought—thesis to be published by Familius Publishing in Fall 2013; four poems published by Circa Literary Magazine
  • Karen Burton—article published by The Detonator (trade magazine) and by the Missouri Highway Patrol News
  • Lisa Aldridge—poems published by Northern Liberties Review and Poetry Pacific; flash fiction story published by Running Out of Ink
  • Lisa Haag Kang—essay published in the anthology The Animal Anthology Project: True Tails, pieces accepted by The Lyric and Out of the Depths
  • Grady Manus—poem selected as one of the winners in the St. Louis Metro Arts in Transit competition
  • Pat Kogos—essay published by Lyons Nebraska Mirror-Sun; novel (Priory, Louisiana) to be published as an e-book and as a print-on-demand paperback
  • Tara Brewer—TJT Designs and Publications has offered her a two-book deal for a memoir (drawn from her MFA thesis) and a short story collection

  • Soundings Review is accepting submissions through May 1—poetry, fiction, children/young adult, and nonfiction (essays & interviews):
  • Watershed Review is accepting submissions through March 31—poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and visual art:  
  • Tusculum Review is accepting submissions through March 15—fiction and poetry:  
  • Mason’s Road Online Literary Journal is accepting submissions through April 1—fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, drama, craft essays, audio, and visual art:  
  • Shark Reef is accepting submissions through March 1—fiction, non-fiction, and poetry:
  • Spry Literary Journal is accepting submissions through March 31—poetry and prose:  
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LU MFA Spring 2013 First Assignments & Textbooks


Adv. Focused Fiction Workshop/Spec Topics Focused Workshop/Adv Studies Contemp Fiction
IMF 53200.80/IMF 54100.80/IMF 53900.80

1st class begins Saturday, April 13th, at 10am-2pm in Cultural Center, Room 307 (upstairs)
Remainder of quarter (beginning 4/17): Cultural Center Conference Room – Wednesdays 6-10pm

First Assignment (bring to class on Sat. 4/13):

Your first assignment for this course consists of two parts:

1. Please email me a 1-2 page personal essay telling me what type of prose you enjoy writing (fiction, short memoir, journalism, poetry), how you would describe your writing aesthetic, and a few of your favorite authors and books. If you are published, where and in what genera? What events in your life brought you to writing? Please be certain I have these short essays at least three days prior to our first class meeting on Saturday. Be warned that I may read some of your essays, or have you read them, aloud to the class.

2. Please have pages xi-6 in Field Guide to Writing: Flash Fiction ed Tara L. Masih read and ready for discussion

1. Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction, Tara Masih, Rose Metal Press, 2009, ISBN 9780978984861
2. New Sudden Fiction: Short-Short Stories, Robert Shapard & James Thomas, WW Norton, 2007, ISBN 9780393328011

Adv. Studies in Nonfiction/Adv St Personal Essay & Memoir/Adv Studies Contemp Fiction
IMF 54800.80/IMF 54900.80/IMF 55000.80

1st class begins Saturday, April 13th, at 10am-2pm in Cultural Center, Rm 306 (upstairs)
Remainder of quarter (beginning 4/16): Cultural Center Conference Room – Tuesdays 6-10pm

First Assignment (bring to class on Sat. 4/13):

I would like you to read chapters (12) "The Particular Challenges of Creative Nonfiction" and (13) "The Basics of Good Writing in Any Form" in Tell It Slant (pages 145-177).

For your first writing exercise, I would like you to do exercise 2 on page 177 and bring it with you to class. These should be typed with standard MLA headers, double-spaced, and in Times New Roman font.

1. Tell It Slant, Brenda Miller, McGraw-Hill, 2012, ISBN 9780071781770
2. Best American Essays, Robert Atwan, Mariner Books, 2012, ISBN 9780547840093
3. The Situation and the Story, Vivian Gornick; Farrar, Strauss & Giroux; 2002, ISBN 9780374528584


*Do NOT log into Blackboard until Monday, April 15—and you MUST post on Blackboard on 4/15*
On Monday, April 15, log into Blackboard (see instructions below), click on your course name, and then click on the FIRST ASSIGNMENT menu tab at the left of the screen. You will click on the discussion board link and post a statement in the discussion indicating that you were able to log in to Blackboard successfully. This MUST be done on Monday, April 15.

Then you will click on the GETTING STARTED menu tab at the left of the screen and read the course content indicated (Class Requirements, etc.).

Then you will click on the WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS menu tab at the left of the screen, and then click on Week 1. There you will see all of your assignments for the first week of class and their due dates. Online students are required to post/participate on Blackboard three times per week.

Each week during the quarter, you will click on WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS and then on the appropriate week’s folder to view the assignments and due dates for the week.

If you have any questions or problems, you can contact the instructor at the email address listed above, or you can click on Help at the top of the screen (the question mark icon) to contact the Lindenwood Online Support Center.

Instructions for Logging in to Blackboard for Online Classes:
• Go to
• Hover your mouse over Blackboard in the white bar at the top of the screen
• Click on Access Blackboard
• Log in with the same user ID and password you use for your Lionmail account (if you have not activated your Lionmail account, go to, hover over Email at the top of the screen, and click on Find Your Username; follow the instructions to get your user ID and password)
• Once you are logged in, click on your course name to enter the class site
• If you have any problems, click on Help at the top of the Log In page or contact your instructor


IMF 52300.OL1 Focused Nonfiction Workshop--Mary Anderson:
Writing About Your Life, William Zinsser, DaCapo Press, 2004, ISBN 9781569243794

IMF 52900.OL1 Adv Studies Craft of Poetry--Catherine Rankovic:
Next Word, Better Word; Stephen Dobyns, Palgrave Macmillan, 2011, ISBN 9780230621800

IMF 53800.OL1 Adv Fiction Workshop--Tony D’Souza:
The Things They Carried, Tim O'Brien, Mariner Books, ISBN 0618706410

IMF 54100.OL1 Spec Topics Focused Workshop--Eve Jones:
Great American Prose Poems, David Lehman, Scribner, 2003, ISBN 9780743243506

IMF 55600.OL1 Prose Collection: Fiction--Beth Mead
Our Story Begins, Tobias Wolff, Vintage, 2008, ISBN 9781400095971

IMF 55600.OL2 Prose Collection: Personal Essay--Beth Mead
When You Are Engulfed in Flames, David Sedaris, Back Bay, 2008, ISBN 9780316154680

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LU Student Research Symposium & Exposition

Visit for submissions and other info.
Note to MFA students: Fiction and poetry readings are eligible.


Call for Participants
for the Lindenwood Student Research Symposium and Exposition
Due Date: March 22, 2013

The Student Research Symposium and Exposition will be a forum for students to display their scholarship and academic projects to Lindenwood students and faculty. The event will take place between 3pm and 7pm on April 17, 2013 in the Spellman Center Anheuser-Busch Leadership room and in adjacent classrooms. Students have the option of displaying their research or project as a poster or of presenting in concurrent sessions.

Posters are student-created, original work, including but not limited to the following:

• Portfolios of photographs, graphic art, fashion design, etc.
• Research projects in all fields
• Science experiments
• Senior capstone projects
• Thesis or dissertations
• Marketing campaigns or team research consulting projects
• Archival research or the collection of oral histories
• Community service projects
• Theatrical set and lighting design, costume design, original choreography, and music compositions

Presentations can include, but are not limited to, the following:

Poetry or fiction readings
• Conference-style paper presentations of research methodologies and findings
• Theatrical and music performances
• Original video documentaries and film screenings

Faculty Nominations
Undergraduate and graduate students can be nominated by faculty to present or display a poster. Faculty nominations of an individual or group project should be sent to each School’s Symposium Representative (see list below); all nominations must include the names and email addresses of nominated students and the title of the student’s or students’ project. All nominated students will be contacted via email and invited to submit an application, including a 250-word abstract describing their project, by March 22, 2013. Nomination of a student does not guarantee admission into the Symposium.

March 8, 2013: Deadline for faculty nominations of student projects

March 22, 2013: Deadline for student submission of projects abstracts

April 3, 2013: Accepted students will be notified by email

April 17, 2013: LU Student Research Symposium and Exposition (3pm-7pm)

Open Call
Alternately, any undergraduate or graduate LU student can submit an application to participate in the Symposium by March 22, 2013. Group submissions are welcomed, as are submissions by alumni who have graduated the previous semester.

To apply, please email the following information to your advisor (for MFA students, Beth Mead):

1. Name of Presenter(s)

2. Email address(es) of Presenter(s)

3. Title of Project

4. State if you are applying to display a poster or to present in a concurrent session

5. A 250-word abstract describing the project. For scholarly projects, the abstract should define the scope of your research, your research methods, and the main claims resulting from this work. For creative or non-scholarly projects, the abstract should describe the nature of your project and define the main accomplishments achieved as a result of its completion.

All project applications will be evaluated by faculty representatives of the LU Student Research Symposium and Exposition Taskforce.

March 22, 2013: Deadline for Submission of Application and Abstract

April 3, 2012: Accepted students will be notified by email

April 17, 2013: LU Student Research Symposium and Exposition (3pm-7pm)

At the Symposium on April 17th, faculty judges will select one first-place and one second-place undergraduate project from each of the nine Schools. The first-place awardee will receive $200. The second-place awardee with receive $75. Graduate projects will also be judged, with $200 first-place and $75 second-place awards being given to participants from their respective Schools.

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LU MFA Videos

Visit us on YouTube HERE.

Students talk about the Lindenwood University MFA in Writing Program
Terry St. Clair, Patricia Feeney, and Tom Horan discussed Lindenwood's MFA Program on an episode of Topics in Education on LUTV:

Fall 2012 LU MFA Reading:

Spring 2012 LU MFA Reading:

Spring 2011 LU MFA Reading:

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Our First LU MFA Alumni Workshop

Many thanks to Pat Kogos, Tom Horan, Pat Feeney, Meredith Jaworski, Cindy DuBois, Sarah Clay, Mary Caldwell, and Debby Herzog for taking part in the first LU MFA Alumni Workshop. Thanks also to our journal editing class for participating: Thai Kaewkaen, Adrienne Hawkins, Trevor Roe, Nick Bateman, and Jere Deal. We workshopped short stories, an essay, poems, and novel chapters, and it was wonderful to read new work from our alumni. 

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Monday, February 11, 2013

New Registration Process

We are happy to announce a new registration process for all students. Beginning with enrollment for Spring Quarter 2013, you will register for classes with the following process:

STEP 1—Advisor Consultation: Contact your faculty advisor by LionMail, by phone, or in person to discuss your degree program. Refer to the course schedule (available here) and your program overview sheet (available on PC Common) to find several enrollment options.

STEP 2—Online Registration: After the consultation, your advisor will release your student portal for enrollment. You will then register yourself for courses through your student portal during the appropriate registration week. Your first assignment and textbooks are listed on PC Common in the LCIE folder. Instructions for portal registration are detailed below, and training tools will be sent to your LionMail before enrollment begins for Spring Quarter 2013.

This new process will give you more flexibility during enrollment. You may continue to meet in person with your faculty advisor each quarter if you wish, or you may contact your advisor by LionMail or by phone each quarter. You must use your LionMail account when emailing your advisor. It is your responsibility as a student to contact your advisor and to complete the enrollment process each quarter.

Please note that there are three instances when an in-person advisor meeting is still required:
  • An initial meeting with your faculty advisor to review your program overview
  • An exit interview before enrollment in your final cluster
  • A meeting to take the math placement test before enrolling in the math cluster (undergraduates)
You may also wish to meet in person with your advisor to complete required paperwork (i.e., application for degree, change of major form, prior approval form).

Spring Quarter 2013 Registration: If you have already set a registration appointment with your advisor, you may keep that appointment as an in-person meeting, or you may use that appointment time to contact your advisor by LionMail or by phone for your consultation. After your consultation, you will register for classes through your student portal according to the dates listed below. Consult your transcript in your student portal to determine your academic standing.
  • March 4-8: Graduate students; Undergrads with 84+ credit hours completed
  • March 11-15: Graduate students; Undergrad Students with 54-83 credit hours completed
  • March 18-22: Undergrads with 24-53 credit hours completed
  • March 25-29: Undergrads with 0-23 credit hours completed

The Lindenwood University Student Portal User Manual is available here. Registration instructions specific to LCIE are detailed below. Additional training tools will be sent via LionMail. Contact your advisor with any questions about our new registration process.

  • During your advisor consultation, refer to your program overview sheet (available from your advisor or on PC Common) and consult the current course schedule (available here each quarter under Course Schedules/LCIE Quarter Schedules; the Spring Quarter 2013 Course Schedule is available here).
  • Turn off the pop-up blocker on your computer before registration.
  • Remember to change the term code in your portal to the upcoming quarter (i.e., SP QTR 13).
  • Complete your enrollment in a timely manner after your advisor consultation, as clusters may fill quickly (noted as Class is Full during online registration). Be prepared with several enrollment options.
  • If you are on Academic or Business Hold, you will be unable to register. For Business Hold, view your Ledger in your student portal for information about your account. Call Amy Hess at 636-949-4962 to make payment arrangements; once the hold is released, you will be able to register. For Academic Hold, you may need to write an appeal letter. If you have not enrolled in coursework for four quarters or more, contact Admissions, as you will need to be readmitted to the university before you can register. 
  • Review class prerequisites in the 2012-2013 Catalog and compare them against your transcript in your student portal. When you attempt to register for a class without having met the prerequisite, you will see prereq next to the class. If you believe you have met the prerequisite but are prevented from online enrollment, call Academic Services at 636-949-4954 or contact your advisor. 
  • Questions concerning technical problems during registration or problems logging in to the student portal should be directed to CAMS Support.

  1. Log in to your student portal. (To find your username, click here.) Access your portal at any time by going to and hovering over PORTALS in the white bar, then clicking on Portal Login.
  2. Change the term to the upcoming quarter (i.e., SP QTR 13).
  3. Click on Unofficial Registration.
  4. Click on Show Filter and enter course information to limit your search to a specific cluster or section. Click Apply Filter.
  5. Click on the box to the left of the cluster/class you wish to enroll in. If you need to make a change, click on the box again to uncheck it.
  6. When you have checked the cluster/class you wish to enroll in, click Process Registration.
  7. Click OK to complete your registration, and click the printer icon if you would like to print a copy.
  8. Log in to PC Common to view your first assignment information and textbook list (in the LCIE folder).

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