Friday, November 15, 2013

Class Schedule for Winter Quarter 2014

Registration begins on November 18 for Winter Quarter. Email Beth to enroll.

IMF52500.OL1 Poetry Writing Workshop -- Eve Jones [Class is now FULL]
IMF52900.OL1 Adv Studies Craft of Poetry -- Catherine Rankovic
IMF53700.OL1 Selected Emphases in Fiction: Magical Realism -- Eve Jones
IMF53900.OL1 Adv Studies in Contemporary Fiction -- William Connolly [Class is now FULL]
IMF55600.OL1 Prose Collection: Richard Ford -- Mary Anderson [Class is now FULL]
IMF56600.OL1 Narrative Journalism -- Tony D'Souza [Class is now FULL]

IMF515/518/580 Creative Writing Cluster (Fiction and Poetry Workshops) -- Scott Berzon -- Mondays
IMF545/546/547 Creative Nonfiction Cluster -- Andrew Pryor -- Tuesdays
IMF568/569/570 Adv Narrative Journalism Cluster -- Kelli Allen -- Wednesdays

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