Monday, February 3, 2014

Spring 2014 Class Schedule

Textbooks, Instructor Course Descriptions, and First Assignments/Start Dates for each class and cluster are available here.

Note to Online students: A course may be retaken for credit if it uses a different textbook and/or is taught by a different instructor.


IMF516 Fiction Genres: Flash Fiction Forward -- Mary Anderson [FULL/class is closed]

IMF524 Focused Scriptwriting Workshop -- Anthony Connolly

IMF527 Selected Emphases in Poetry: Women Poets -- Eve Jones

IMF535 Fiction Writing Workshop -- Tony D'Souza [FULL/class is closed]

IMF537 Selected Emphases in Fiction: Modern Myths & Tricksters in Short Fiction -- Kelli Allen [FULL/class is closed]

IMF541 Special Topics: The Poetry Collection -- Catherine Rankovic

IMF547 The Lyric Essay -- Eve Jones

IMF556 The Prose Collection -- Beth Mead
                  3 sections available:
                  Margaret Atwood (fiction), Tobias Wolff (fiction), and David Sedaris (essay)


Advanced Scriptwriting Cluster -- Wednesdays -- Peter Carlos

Flash Fiction Cluster -- Wednesdays -- Kelli Allen

Advanced Creative Nonfiction Cluster -- Tuesdays -- David Hollingsworth