Sunday, July 20, 2014

MFA Reading & TLR4 Book Launch

Thank you to Kelli Allen for her lovely job hosting our July 2014 reading and book launch, and congratulations to our wonderful readers: Patricia Feeney, Tom O'Keefe, Lisa Haag Kang, Ryan Trimble, Shirley Smith, Nick Bateman, and Karen Burton.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Fall Quarter 2014 Class Schedule

NOTE: Detailed info for each class (course descriptions and types, textbooks, first assignment info) is available HERE. Fall registration begins August 25. Fall quarter runs October 6 through December 20. New coursework options in genre fiction and the novel will be offered beginning with Winter Quarter 2015. Contact Beth with any questions. 

F14 In-Class Clusters:

Prose Cluster (Fiction & Creative Nonfiction)
Andrew Pryor

Scriptwriting Cluster
Peter Carlos

F14 Online Classes: 

IMF523 Focused Nonfiction Workshop: Flash Nonfiction -- Mary Anderson

IMF525 Poetry Writing Workshop -- Kelli Allen

IMF529 Adv Studies Craft of Poetry -- Catherine Rankovic

IMF537 Selected Emphases in Fiction: Magical Realism -- Eve Jones

IMF539 Adv Studies Contemporary Fiction -- Wm. Anthony Connolly

IMF566 Narrative Journalism -- Tony D'Souza

IMF557 The Literary Journal -- Beth Mead
[four separate sections: Fiction, Essay, Poetry, and Flash Fiction; students may take up to two sections in one quarter; students will serve as editorial assistants for issue 5 of The Lindenwood Review]