Tuesday, February 24, 2015

LU MFA Foundations

In the LU MFA Foundations series, our faculty members discuss or clarify foundational elements of the craft of creative writing:

The Top 5 Books That Have Influenced Us as Readers and Writers -- LU MFA Faculty

Defining Young Adult Literature -- Beth Mead

Literary Fiction & Genre Fiction -- Wm. Anthony Connolly

Defining Prose Poetry -- Eve Jones

Recommended Resource for MLA Format -- LU MFA Faculty

You? A Professional Scholar? -- Julia Gordon-Bramer

The Practice of Writing -- Wm. Anthony Connolly

Reading Like a Writer -- Tony D'Souza

On Empathy -- Kelli Allen

Recommended Glossary of Poetic Terms -- Scott Berzon

When To Stop Working on Your Novel -- Tony D'Souza

Recommended Reading for Advice to Poets -- Eve Jones

Defining Flash Fiction -- Mary Anderson

Defining Creative Nonfiction -- Catherine Rankovic

Sample Guidelines for Workshops -- Beth Mead

On Publishing Your Work-- Catherine Rankovic

For MFA students who plan to teach frosh comp:
5 Things Freshman Composition Students Need to Learn -- Beth Mead

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