Wednesday, March 18, 2015

LU MFA Foundations: When To Stop Working on Your Novel--Tony D'Souza

In the article linked below, LU MFA faculty member Tony D'Souza shares his realization about the importance of knowing when to stop working on your novel:

An excerpt:

"I felt time trickling away, one year, another. I married in the interim; we had our first child. Still, Voyage of the Rosa wasn’t right, and making it so remained elusive. Pushing through those endless revisions was like wading through molasses. Our second child was born; The Konkans advance had long since run out, and now there were twice as many diapers to buy. Something began to tighten in my belly that I knew was panic."

In the LU MFA Foundations series, our faculty members 
discuss or clarify foundational elements of the craft of creative writing.
Other entries in the series are linked here.

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