Wednesday, April 15, 2015

SRSE MFA Participants 2015

Congratulations to the MFA students chosen to participate in the Student Research Symposium & Exposition on April 22, 2015, in the Spellmann Center at Lindenwood University. The sessions are open to the public, and the schedule of MFA readers is listed below (other participants are included in these sessions; the MFA participants are noted here):

SESSION 1:  2:00-3:20pm in Spellmann 3090:
Stacy Gorse: “Split”

SESSION 2:  3:30-4:50pm in Spellmann 3115:
Stephen W. Baker: “Roxy’s: A Horror Story”
Deborah Atkinson: “The Ironwood Triad: A Reading from the Hunter’s Guild”
William David County: “Priscilla”
SESSION 3:  5:00-6:20pm—Concurrent Sessions:

Spellmann 3115:
Holiday Goldfarb: Three Poems

Spellmann 4105:
Andi Dobek: “The Procedure”
David Gilmore: “Tailor Made”
Joshua Lanham: “The Heist”
Adrienne Draper: Untitled

Spellmann 4185:
Sam J. Imperiale: “A Few Drops of Blood”
Jacqueline McGarry: “Hexagon Heart”

Best wishes to all of our MFA participants! 

Lindenwood University MFA in Writing Program
On-Campus or Fully Online (No Residency Requirement)

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