Tuesday, April 28, 2015

TLR6 Acceptances

Thank you to all who submitted work to Issue 6 of The Lindenwood Review. All responses have now been sent via email. We are happy to announce our acceptances below. Congratulations to our contributors!

Please note that for Issue 7, our submission process and guidelines will change significantly, so please read the new guidelines, which will be posted here this summer, before submitting to our next issue (we will no longer accept submissions via email). Feel free to contact us with any questions at TheLindenwoodReview@lindenwood.edu.

The Lindenwood Review

Why We Do ThisJoseph Dornich
WoodworkD. E. Lee
DandelionsKaren Burton

The Purple BallCynthia Roby
What RemainsSuzie Vander Vorste
Weighing the MathMary I. Caldwell

Contemplations of a Colonel's Remembrances of a Ukrainian Girl—Nicole Yurcaba
Cologne—Lauren Bender
I Stand Corrected—Christopher Keaveney
Tonight, Someone is Thrashing Her Wings Against a Gilded Cage, Thrashing Her Wings Against a Starry SomewhereRobert Nazarene
Enter Gardeners—Joe Mills
How, Years Later, He'll Take You Away—M. Ann Hull
Fawn on Bodega Highway—Elizabeth Carothers Herron
Nearing Solstice—Megan Duffy
Water Body—George Eklund
The Rain—Lori Lamothe
Digging in the Dark—Susan Lefler
Starting in Xi'an—Cheryl Clark
My Mother Cleans and Starts the Gumbo—Karen Maceira
Pentimento—Sandy Coomer
When I am away from the water and you—John Davis
What You Will Miss When You're Dead—C. Wade Bentley
When I Think Happiness,—Kate Peper
Still Life—Sara Moore Wagner
Old Brain—Sharon Scholl
Black Thumbs—Michael Constantine McConnell

View our Prose Poetry Contest winner and honorable mentions here.

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