Thursday, February 11, 2016

Spring 2016 Class Schedule

Spring 2016 Class Schedule 

On-Campus students may choose one of the following two clusters:
Fiction Cluster on Tuesdays with David Hollingsworth*
Prose Poetry Cluster on Wednesdays with Kelli Allen 

Fundamentals of Contemporary Fiction / Wm Anthony Connolly
The Fiction of War & Apocalypse / Scott Berzon
Fiction Writing Workshop / Tony D'Souza
The Prose Collection: T.C. Boyle / Charlene Engleking
Flash Nonfiction** / Catherine Rankovic
The Personal Essay / David Hollingsworth
Prose Poems / Eve Jones
Focused Poetry Workshop / Kelli Allen
Sylvia Plath & the Tarot Part 2*** / Julia Gordon-Bramer
Focused Scriptwriting Workshop / Zachary Vickers
Graduate Thesisfinal quarter only; see info in Course Descriptions

*On-Campus students may take the Fiction cluster even if they have taken an on-campus fiction cluster previously.
**All students may enroll in Flash Nonfiction with Rankovic, including students who previously took Flash Nonfiction with Anderson
***It is not required to have taken Part 1 of Plath/Tarot; all students may enroll in Part 2
- Some MFA classes and clusters can be taken more than once for credit. Contact Beth with any questions about repeating specific classes or clusters.
- Online students may enroll in one, two, or three classes per quarter. At least two classes are required to be eligible for financial aid/student loans. To request a course overload (four classes), email Beth.
Spring Registration Instructions are posted HERE
- Course Descriptions for Spring MFA classes are posted HERE 
- Textbook information for spring quarter is posted HERE
- First Assignments/Start Dates for On-Campus Clusters are posted HERE
- First Assignments/Start Dates/Bb login info for Online classes are posted HERE
- The Spring Quarter MFA-specific academic calendar is posted HERE
- The 2016-2017 academic calendar for all programs in the School of Accelerated Degree Programs will be posted HERE
- See the email sent on 2/15 for the Teacher Grant form and other important program info.
- Degree application forms must be submitted through the portal by March 30 for students who will complete their degree in September (end of summer quarter). Students who will complete their degree in December must submit their degree app form through the portal no later than May 30. 

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