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Registration FAQs

FAQs for MFA Registration

1. How do I know when registration starts each quarter?
You will receive a registration info email from Beth each quarter. Registration begins the following week. After receiving the registration info email, log into the MFA Students group in Canvas to either request that your portal be enabled for registration or to request classes for Beth to enroll you (and list back-up choices for full classes). The quarterly registration email contains links to the Class Schedule, Registration Instructions, Course Descriptions, Textbooks, the First Assignment, and other important info, as well as MFA Program Updates and reminders (including upcoming Degree Application deadlines). Be sure to read this email and all linked information thoroughly each quarter. You can check the dates for the quarterly email and the start of registration on the MFA Academic Calendar.

2. Why did I receive an error message that said my advisor is preventing my registration?
If you click on Registration in the portal before the registration period begins, you will receive that error message. If registration has begun, then this error message almost always occurs because you are in the wrong term in the portal. When you click on Registration, you must already be in the correct term in order to enroll. Be sure to choose the upcoming term (SU for Summer, FA for Fall, WIN for Winter, or SP for Spring), and be sure to choose QTR. If you are in SEM (for semester students), or if you are in the current term instead of the upcoming term, you will receive that error message. If you are in the correct term and still receive that error, log out of the portal and then log back in, choosing the correct term, which will refresh the page to ensure that the portal is enabled for registration.

Another reason you would receive that message is if you did not post in the MFA Students group in Canvas to request that your portal be enabled for self-registration. It is a university requirement that students request this in writing every term because there must be advisor contact for registration. When you receive this email each quarter, read over all information thoroughly, then log into the Canvas group and post your name in the appropriate thread to request that your portal be enabled for registration.

Note for Spring 17: When registration opens for Spring on Mon. February 20 at 7am Central Time, you will choose SP QTR 17 to register for spring classes (after posting in the Canvas group to request that your portal be enabled). Remember that when you want to view your final grades and complete your course evaluation for the current winter term, you will need to choose WIN QTR 17.

3. Why does the portal kick me out when I click the button to process registration?
This will happen if you have not disabled your pop-up blocker. If you have problems with the pop-up blocker, try changing your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, etc.).

4. How do I make sure I can enroll in a class I really want?
Some classes fill very quickly as soon as registration opens. Your best chance for enrolling in a preferred class is to post in the MFA Students Canvas group after receiving the registration info email to request that your portal be enabled, and then to register yourself as soon as registration opens.

Students who prefer to have Beth register them in classes must realize that Beth has to enroll students in the order of posts in Canvas, starting these enrollments when the portal is enabled for registration. All newly accepted students must also be registered by Beth, so even if you respond to the registration email a day or two after receiving it and list your class choices, you will be far down on the list of students Beth must register, and classes may be full before it is your turn to be enrolled. If you ask Beth to register you, be sure to include in your Canvas post the number of classes total you want to take, your preferred choices for classes, and a list of back-up classes in order of preference, so that Beth can enroll you immediately in a back-up choice if a preferred class is full.

5. Can I be put on a Wait List for a class that is full?
Wait Lists will be available in the MFA Students group in Canvas for any spots that open up in full classes AFTER the open enrollment period ends. Since students can enroll themselves in classes, it is not possible for Beth to send notifications regarding wait lists during the open enrollment period. During open enrollment, you can check the portal to see if a spot opens up in a class (click on Course Offerings and filter by IMF), and if a spot does open up, you can enroll yourself (and you can drop yourself from classes during open enrollment). After open enrollment ends, students cannot make any schedule changes in the portal. Beth will contact the first person on the wait list when a spot opens up in a class after open enrollment ends. After 24 hours, if that person has not responded, Beth will contact the second person on the list. If there is a class you really want, your best chance of enrolling in it is register yourself as soon as the portal opens for registration.

Note for Spring: For Spring Quarter 2017 registration, open enrollment ends on April 2. Any schedule changes after that date must be made by emailing Beth.

6. Does it matter which section of a class I enroll in? Why might my section number be changed after open enrollment ends?
When registering yourself for classes, you may enroll in any section of a class (one, two, or three sections may be offered for each class). It is best to balance enrollment across all sections of a class, so if section OL1 has 9 students and section OL2 has 2 students, it would be best to enroll yourself in section OL2.

After open enrollment ends, your section number may need to be changed to balance enrollment across sections. At least 5 students must be enrolled in a section for it to be held. Beth will always email you before changing your section, and if you need to stay in your current section for some reason (to stay in the same class as a friend, for example), you can reply to Beth’s email and request that you not be moved from your current section. If a class ends up with fewer than 5 students and no other student changes can be made, Beth will notify students that the class must be cancelled, and alternate class choices will be given.

7. Can I repeat a class for credit?
No, an exact course number cannot be repeated for credit. For example, if you previously took IMF 55602, you cannot take IMF 55602 again, but it is fine for you to take IMF 55603. You should check your transcript in your student portal to view the course numbers you’ve taken previously, to ensure that you do not enroll in the same course number twice. Be sure to check course numbers and not class titles. You may take several different classes within the same standard class title; as long as the course number is not exactly the same, you will receive credit for all of them (for example, if you take IMF 52301 Focused Nonfiction Workshop: Flash Nonfiction, it is fine for you to also take IMF 52303 Focused Nonfiction Workshop: Focused Flash Nonfiction).

8. How do I qualify for a grant?
The MFA Program offers two grants:

Teacher Grant: Currently employed teachers of elementary school, middle school, or high school may apply for the teacher grant ($60 off per credit hour) by posting the required information every quarter in the MFA Students group in Canvas; information and a due date will be included in each quarterly registration info email. You must include your official email address from the school where you teach, and you must request the grant in Canvas every quarter.

60+ Grant: Students age 60 and over qualify for this 50% tuition grant. Verify with Admissions that this grant is being applied in your first quarter of enrollment, and then the grant will be applied in all future quarters. Grants will appear in your Ledger in the student portal as Pending Financial Aid.

Other Questions: Beth Mead is the Advisor for all MFA in Writing students. Email her with any questions.

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