Monday, October 24, 2016

Class Schedule WIN QTR 17

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On-Campus Cluster:
Flash Fiction Cluster--Ryan Smith--Tuesdays in LUCC Conference Room

Online Classes:
Fundamentals/Teacher Prep:
FULL--IMF51400 Fundamentals of Writing for the MFA--Beth Mead

FULL--IMF58100 Contemporary Foundational Literature--Chris Candice
IMF53706 Revisionist Fictions: Works Inspired by Earlier Literature--J. Ted Morrissey
IMF55600 The Prose Collection: Alice Munro--Mary Anderson
IMF53703 Literature of War & Apocalypse--Scott Berzon
FULL--IMF53704 Modern Myths & Tricksters in Short Fiction--Kelli Allen 
IMF53200 Adv Focused Fiction Workshop--Tony D'Souza
IMF53900 Adv Studies in Contemporary Fiction--Wm Anthony Connolly
IMF51602 Fiction Craft & Workshop--David Hollingsworth
IMF54303 Focused Young Adult Literature--Nicole McInnes
IMF52200 Focused Fiction Workshop--Kali VanBaale

IMF58300 Contemporary Foundational Literature: Poetry--Ryan Smith
IMF54100 Spec Topics Workshop: Poetry Writing--Eve Jones
IMF52902 Adv St Craft of Poetry: Writing the Love Poem: A Themed Formal Verse Workshop--Anothai Kaewkaen
IMF52704 Sylvia Plath & the Tarot, Part 1--Julia Gordon-Bramer

Creative Nonfiction:
FULL--IMF55200 Creative Nonfiction Craft Foundations--Lisa Haag
IMF54600 The Personal Essay--Andrew Pryor

IMF52400 Focused Scriptwriting Workshop--Zachary Vickers

IMF58999 Graduate Thesis--Beth Mead (in MFA Students group in Canvas, post faculty preference for midterm reader in the Thesis Registration thread)

First Assignment for Online Classes

Textbook Info

Faculty Bios

NOTE: At least 6 credit hours must be taken to be eligible for financial aid.

Pre-Registration Process WIN QTR 17

The Pre-Registration Process will take place in Canvas beginning on November 7 at 7am CST. You will no longer reply by email regarding your initial registration preferences.

Steps to take BEFORE November 7:
-Log into Canvas
-If you see an invitation to join the MFA Students group, click that link to enter the group.
-If you do not see an invitation, click on Courses, then on All Courses, and scroll through your class list to find MFA Students.
-Add MFA Students to your Dashboard (click on All Courses, then click the star to the left of MFA Students). Then click on MFA Students to enter the group.
-Click on Modules to view Announcements and MFA information. Feel free to take part in any discussions.
NOTE: The Winter class schedule and registration info will be viewable in Canvas by November 7. The Winter Registration Info email will be sent via Lionmail on November 7.

Steps to take ON or after November 7 at 7am CST:
-After receiving the Winter Registration info email via Lionmail, log into Canvas and click on the MFA Students group.
-Click on Modules to view the Registration module.
-Post in one of the two threads below, depending on whether you want to self-register or not:
-Click on the Self-Registration/Enable Portal discussion thread in the Registration module if you want to register yourself for winter classes when registration opens. Type your name in this thread, and then Beth will enable your portal for self-registration on Monday, November 14, at 7am CST, so that you can register yourself beginning that day and time.
-Click on the Request Beth to Register/Class Choices & Back-Ups discussion thread in the Registration module if you want Beth to register you for winter classes when registration opens. Beth will then register students in the order of posts in this thread starting at 7am CST on Monday, November 14.
-All students will be able to make any schedule changes (drop/add classes) from November 14 through December 4. MFA open enrollment will end on Monday, December 5, so all schedule changes on or after December 5 must be made by emailing Beth.
-Note: Do NOT send registration preferences by email before December 5. Canvas must be used during open enrollment through December 4. Only changes requested after open enrollment (December 5 and later) may be made via email.
-WAIT LISTS: If you hope to take a class that you think may fill quickly, you can post your name in the Wait List thread for that class beginning at 7am CST on Monday, November 14. After MFA open enrollment ends, any drops must be requested via email, so Beth will contact the first person on the Wait List for the open spot. After 24 hours, if the first person has not responded to the email, Beth will offer the spot to the second person on the Wait List for that class.
-Post any questions about the new pre-registration process and Wait List process in the Questions for Beth thread in the MFA Students group in Canvas.

WIN QTR 17 Registration begins Monday, November 14, at 7am CST. Students who have posted in the Self-Registration/Enable Portal thread will be able to enroll themselves in the portal following the registration instructions beginning that day and time. Students who have posted in the Request Beth to Register/Class Choices & Back-Ups thread will be registered beginning that day and time in the order of posts in that thread. Be sure to include back-up choices in case classes are full by the time of your enrollment.