Monday, October 24, 2016

Class Schedule WIN QTR 17

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On-Campus Cluster:
Flash Fiction Cluster--Ryan Smith--Tuesdays in LUCC Conference Room

Online Classes:
Fundamentals/Teacher Prep:
FULL--IMF51400 Fundamentals of Writing for the MFA--Beth Mead

FULL--IMF58100 Contemporary Foundational Literature--Chris Candice
IMF53706 Revisionist Fictions: Works Inspired by Earlier Literature--J. Ted Morrissey
IMF55600 The Prose Collection: Alice Munro--Mary Anderson
IMF53703 Literature of War & Apocalypse--Scott Berzon
FULL--IMF53704 Modern Myths & Tricksters in Short Fiction--Kelli Allen 
IMF53200 Adv Focused Fiction Workshop--Tony D'Souza
IMF53900 Adv Studies in Contemporary Fiction--Wm Anthony Connolly
IMF51602 Fiction Craft & Workshop--David Hollingsworth
IMF54303 Focused Young Adult Literature--Nicole McInnes
IMF52200 Focused Fiction Workshop--Kali VanBaale

IMF58300 Contemporary Foundational Literature: Poetry--Ryan Smith
IMF54100 Spec Topics Workshop: Poetry Writing--Eve Jones
IMF52902 Adv St Craft of Poetry: Writing the Love Poem: A Themed Formal Verse Workshop--Anothai Kaewkaen
IMF52704 Sylvia Plath & the Tarot, Part 1--Julia Gordon-Bramer

Creative Nonfiction:
FULL--IMF55200 Creative Nonfiction Craft Foundations--Lisa Haag
IMF54600 The Personal Essay--Andrew Pryor

IMF52400 Focused Scriptwriting Workshop--Zachary Vickers

IMF58999 Graduate Thesis--Beth Mead (in MFA Students group in Canvas, post faculty preference for midterm reader in the Thesis Registration thread)

First Assignment for Online Classes

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Faculty Bios

NOTE: At least 6 credit hours must be taken to be eligible for financial aid.

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