Thursday, February 23, 2017

Projected Class Schedule 2017-2018


Summer Quarter 2017
On-Campus Cluster: Hollingsworth - Fiction - Tuesdays (plus journal editing 13th class) - LUCC room TBA
Online Classes:
Allen - Poetry Genres
Candice - Contemporary Foundational Literature: Fiction
Connolly - Writers' Lives
D'Souza - African American Literature
Feeney - Fundamentals of Writing for the MFA
Haag - Creative Nonfiction Craft Foundations
Hollingsworth - The Personal Essay
Jones - The Lyric Essay
Kaewkaen - The Sonnet
McInnes - Science Fiction Literature & Workshop
Morrissey - Focused Literature Study: Ulysses
Pryor - Focused Poetry Workshop
Smith - Contemporary Foundational Literature: Poetry
VanBaale - Novel Chapter Workshop
Vickers - Flash Fiction

Fall Quarter 2017
On-Campus ClusterCreative Writing for the MFA: Life-Forms: The Poetics of Memoir - Gillian Parrish - Wednesdays in LUCC room 109
Online Classes:
Allen - Prose Poetry
Candice - Fiction Craft Foundations
Connolly - Fundamentals of Contemporary Fiction
D'Souza - Fiction Writing Workshop
Feeney - Fundamentals of Writing for the MFA
Haag - Contemporary Foundational Literature: Creative Nonfiction
Haag - The Prose Collection: David Sedaris
Hollingsworth - Fiction Craft & Workshop
Jones - Breaking the Fourth Wall
Jones - Focused Poetry Workshop: Poetry Bootcamp
Kaewkaen - Asian Poetry
McInnes - Publishing Creative Writing
Morrissey - Classic Sci-Fi/Horror by Women Writers
Pryor - The Personal Essay
Smith - Classic Foundational Poetry
VanBaale - Memoir Chapter Workshop
Vickers - The Graphic Novel as Memoir
VOLUNTEER OPTION: Any students who are interested in serving as editorial assistants on issue 8 of The Lindenwood Review can sign up to volunteer for this option during the fall registration period to read, discuss, and vote on submissions through our MFA Students group in Canvas (see the fall registration info email for details)

Winter Quarter 2018
On-Campus Cluster: TBA
Online Classes:
Allen - Sci-Fi Literature & Workshop: Neil Gaiman
Anderson - The Prose Collection: Raymond Carver
Bramer - Rockstar Fiction Writers
Candice - Classic Foundational Literature
Connolly - Spiritual Writing
D'Souza - Longform Narrative Journalism
Feeney - Fundamentals of Writing for the MFA
Haag - Classic Foundational Literature: Creative Nonfiction
Hollingsworth - Personal Essay Craft & Workshop
Jones - Ekphrastic Poetry
Kaewkaen - The Sonnet
McInnes - Young Adult Literature
Morrissey - Revisionist Fictions
Parrish - The Poetics of Memoir
Pryor - Focused Poetry Worskhop
Smith - Poetry Craft Foundations
VanBaale - Focused Fiction Workshop
Vickers - Focused Scriptwriting Workshop

Spring Quarter 2018
On-Campus Cluster: Micro-Worlds - Gillian Parrish
Online Classes:
Allen - Sci-Fi Literature & Workshop: Neil Gaiman
Bramer - Rockstar Poets & Writers
Candice - Contemporary Foundational Literature: Fiction
Connolly - Lyric & Personal Essays
D'Souza - The Literary Novel: Contemporary Fiction
Feeney - Fundamentals of Writing for the MFA
Haag - Creative Nonfiction Craft Foundations
Hollingsworth - Fiction Craft & Workshop
Jones - Poetry Writing Workshop
Kaewkaen - Asian Poetry
McInnes - Young Adult Fiction Workshop
Morrissey - The Long Story & Novella
Pryor - The Personal Essay
Smith - Contemporary Foundational Literature: Poetry
VanBaale - Focused Creative Nonfiction Workshop
Vickers - Structure in the Graphic Novel

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Class Schedule Spring Quarter 2017

Spring Quarter 2017 (April through June)
Click on each class title for course description, class type, start date, etc.

On-Campus Cluster:
Prose Cluster (Fiction & Creative Nonfiction) - Andrew Pryor - Tuesdays - LUCC Room 109

Online Classes: 

IMF 52706 Sel Emph P: Asian Poetry - Anothai Kaewkaen
IMF 55300 Poetry Craft Foundations - Ryan Smith
IMF 52705 Sel Emph P: Plath & the Tarot Part 2 - Julia Bramer

IMF 58200 Contemporary Foundational Literature: Creative Nonfiction - Lisa Haag
IMF 55603 Prose Collection (Essay): David Foster Wallace - Kelli Allen
IMF 52304 Foc Nonfiction: Creative Nonfiction Writing Workshop - Kali VanBaale
IMF 54106 Spec Top: Focused Narrative Journalism - Anthony D'Souza

IMF 52206 Focused Fiction Workshop: Kurt Vonnegut - Zachary Vickers
IMF 51601 F Genres: Flash Fiction - Scott Berzon
IMF 53702 Sel Emph F: Magical Realism Literature & Workshop - Eve Jones
IMF 51602 F Genres: Fiction Craft & Workshop - David Hollingsworth
IMF 53705 Sel Emph F: The Long Story & Novella - J. Ted Morrissey
IMF 54405 Genre F: Young Adult Fiction Writing Workshop - Nicole McInnes
IMF 56100 Classic Foundational Literature: Fiction - Christopher Candice
IMF 57400 Literary Novel Workshop - Wm Anthony Connolly

IMF 51400 Fundamentals of Writing for the MFA - Patricia Feeney
IMF 54101 Spec Top: Manuscript Preparation & Publication - Catherine Rankovic

THESIS Enrollment Instructions & Guidelines

Textbook info for SP QTR 17 is available HERE.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Important Dates SP QTR 17

2/13/17: SP17 Registration info email sent; registration responses can be posted in the MFA Students Canvas group as of 11am Central Time (please respond before 2/20 if possible)
2/19/17: Emphasis response due in Canvas group—confirm, declare, or decline this option (or note that you are currently undecided and ask any questions you have—also see FAQs in the assignment)
2/20/17: SP17 Registration opens at 7am Central Time; wait list requests may be submitted when classes are full (for use after open enrollment ends)
3/3/17: SP17 Teacher Grant requests due (for those who are eligible)

3/27/17: SP17 online classes can be previewed in Canvas (do not post until 4/10)
4/2/17: Open enrollment ends for SP17; any schedule changes after this date must be made by emailing Beth
4/4/17: SP17 On-Campus cluster begins at 6pm; Wait List students will be contacted for any new open seats from this date through 4/9
4/10/17: SP17 Online classes begin; first assignment due by 11:59pm
5/15/17: Summer Registration Info Email will be sent to Lionmail by 11am Central Time
5/22/17: Summer Registration begins at 7am Central Time
5/25/17 at 3pm: Deadline to drop SP17 classes; requests must be emailed to Beth by 3pm on 5/25 in order for paperwork to be procesed by the withdrawal deadline of 5/26.
6/23/17: Spring Quarter ends; complete course evaluations in the student portal
6/26/17: Final grades should be viewable in each class’s Canvas gradebook by 5pm Central Time
6/29/17: Final grades can be viewed in the student portal