Sunday, February 12, 2017

Important Dates SP QTR 17

2/13/17: SP17 Registration info email sent; registration responses can be posted in the MFA Students Canvas group as of 11am Central Time (please respond before 2/20 if possible)
2/19/17: Emphasis response due in Canvas group—confirm, declare, or decline this option (or note that you are currently undecided and ask any questions you have—also see FAQs in the assignment)
2/20/17: SP17 Registration opens at 7am Central Time; wait list requests may be submitted when classes are full (for use after open enrollment ends)
3/3/17: SP17 Teacher Grant requests due (for those who are eligible)

3/27/17: SP17 online classes can be previewed in Canvas (do not post until 4/10)
4/2/17: Open enrollment ends for SP17; any schedule changes after this date must be made by emailing Beth
4/4/17: SP17 On-Campus cluster begins at 6pm; Wait List students will be contacted for any new open seats from this date through 4/9
4/10/17: SP17 Online classes begin; first assignment due by 11:59pm
5/15/17: Summer Registration Info Email will be sent to Lionmail by 11am Central Time
5/22/17: Summer Registration begins at 7am Central Time
5/25/17 at 3pm: Deadline to drop SP17 classes; requests must be emailed to Beth by 3pm on 5/25 in order for paperwork to be procesed by the withdrawal deadline of 5/26.
6/23/17: Spring Quarter ends; complete course evaluations in the student portal
6/26/17: Final grades should be viewable in each class’s Canvas gradebook by 5pm Central Time
6/29/17: Final grades can be viewed in the student portal

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