Friday, April 21, 2017

SU17 MFA Class Schedule

Enrollment begins May 22
Summer Quarter begins July 10

Fiction Cluster - David Hollingsworth
First Assignment for first class meeting on July 11
+ Journal Editing Session for issue 8 of The Lindenwood Review with Beth Mead (for the 13th class meeting, students will read, discuss, and vote on selected stories submitted to TLR; all fiction cluster students will be listed as editorial assistants in issue 8)

IMF 51400 Fundamentals of Writing for the MFA - Patricia Feeney
IMF 51604 Writers' Lives - Wm Anthony Connolly *new course offering*
IMF 52207 Novel Chapter Workshop - Kali VanBaale *new course offering*
IMF 54406 Science Fiction Literature & Workshop - Nicole McInnes *new course number*
IMF 54107 Writing Flash Fiction - Zachary Vickers *new course number*
IMF 53707 African American Literature - Tony D'Souza *new course offering*
IMF 51603 Focused Literature Study: Ulysses - Ted Morrissey *new course offering*
IMF 58100 Contemporary Foundational Literature: Fiction - Christopher Candice
IMF 51702 The Sonnet - Anothai Kaewkaen *new course number*
IMF 52100 Focused Poetry Workshop - Andrew Pryor
IMF 51700 Poetry Genres - Kelli Allen
IMF 54700 The Lyric Essay - Eve Jones
IMF 54600 The Personal Essay - David Hollingsworth
IMF 55200 Creative Nonfiction Craft Foundations - Lisa Haag

First Assignment for Online classes -- online classes begin July 10
First Assignment for On-Campus Fiction Cluster -- first class meeting on July 11

Textbook info for SU QTR 17

Thursday, April 20, 2017

2017 SRC Award Winners

Congratulations to our MFA students who won first and second place in the 2017 Student Research Conference at Lindenwood University! Excellent work was done by all of our MFA students who participated in this event. SRC 2017 photos are available on the Lindenwood University Facebook page.

1st Place: McKenzie A. Frey
"Wishing it Was Any Other Day but Today, With You"

2nd Place: Dane Gasparovic
"Route to Isolation"