Friday, April 21, 2017

SU17 MFA Class Schedule

Enrollment begins May 22
Summer Quarter begins July 10

Fiction Cluster - David Hollingsworth
First Assignment for first class meeting on July 11
+ Journal Editing Session for issue 8 of The Lindenwood Review with Beth Mead (for the 13th class meeting, students will read, discuss, and vote on selected stories submitted to TLR; all fiction cluster students will be listed as editorial assistants in issue 8)

IMF 51400 Fundamentals of Writing for the MFA - Patricia Feeney
IMF 51604 Writers' Lives - Wm Anthony Connolly *new course offering*
IMF 52207 Novel Chapter Workshop - Kali VanBaale *new course offering*
IMF 54406 Science Fiction Literature & Workshop - Nicole McInnes *new course number*
IMF 54107 Writing Flash Fiction - Zachary Vickers *new course number*
IMF 53707 African American Literature - Tony D'Souza *new course offering*
IMF 51603 Focused Literature Study: Ulysses - Ted Morrissey *new course offering*
IMF 58100 Contemporary Foundational Literature: Fiction - Christopher Candice
IMF 51702 The Sonnet - Anothai Kaewkaen *new course number*
IMF 52100 Focused Poetry Workshop - Andrew Pryor
IMF 51700 Poetry Genres - Kelli Allen
IMF 54700 The Lyric Essay - Eve Jones
IMF 54600 The Personal Essay - David Hollingsworth
IMF 55200 Creative Nonfiction Craft Foundations - Lisa Haag

First Assignment for Online classes -- online classes begin July 10
First Assignment for On-Campus Fiction Cluster -- first class meeting on July 11

Textbook info for SU QTR 17

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