Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Gillian Parrish, LU MFA Assistant Professor & MFA Advisor

We are very happy to welcome Gillian Parrish to our Lindenwood University MFA faculty. Beginning in July, Gillian will join us as an Assistant Professor of Writing and an MFA Advisor (for students whose last names begin with M-Z). She will assist the MFA Program Director and will work to enhance the on-campus program experience for our MFA students. 

Gillian Parrish comes to Lindenwood from Washington University, where she earned her MFA as a Writing Program Fellow, and went on to serve as a creative-writing instructor, student advisor, and member of the Teaching Center. Her poems and essays have appeared in various journals, including Faculty Focus, EarthLines, American Letters & Commentary, Gulf Coast, and Volt. She has enjoyed teaching creative writing in various settings in the St. Louis community and curating a journal that features new work by poets and conversations with artists from around the world.


Life-Forms: The Poetics of Memoir
Gillian will offer this on-campus cluster for LU MFA students this fall quarter. Developed with creative-nonfiction and fiction writers in mind, this cluster will include a range of poetic works—some in prose by fiction and nonfiction writers, some in free-verse poem lines—all selected to expand our range of formal possibilities and hone our eyes and ears as writers. Come ready for lively conversations on our readings, which will inspire our own writing as we try out new frames, new shapes and ways of bringing our lives (or the lives of our characters) to the page. Our creative work will unfold in an encouraging learning community that will include virtual visits with some of our books’ authors who will offer insights into the creative processes behind their finished work.

Look Before You Leap: Cultivating a Writer’s Mind of Attention & Connection
Gillian will offer this workshop for LU MFA students, alumni, and the writing community at the Old Post Office campus in St. Louis later this fall (date TBA). This event will allow for instant workshopping and feedback on participants' work. More details will be announced this summer. 

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